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We are a school where education is still not treated as an industry but as a noble social work, inspite of this being an era of globalisation in which all the market forces have started looking upon education as one of the industry and expects the schools to respond to be need of market economy.

The Education only to generate wealth to fulfil the materialistic lust of a man does not serve the purpose. The situation obviously is in sharp contrast with the moral values and norms of Indian culture, where education is seen as a component of service.

Thus the globalisation has forced us to be more competitive by commercialisation of education, yet a balance will have to be struck.

By commercialisation we may not produce a very good technologist , doctor , scientist , lawyer , professor , clerk etc. , but essentially by rich cultural , national and moral values we can do it. At the cost of commercialisation liberal and cultural aspect of education should not be neglected in a country like ours. Education full of cultural and high moral values may produce the patriotic citizens who can prove themselves as strong pillars of national integration and social harmony.